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The Wrong Brother

Complete series is now avalable!

For the first time all 4 books in one complete volume!

Wendy and Gary are a happily married couple living in the suburbs. They have a nice house, good jobs, and are discussing having children to fill their happy home. Life just couldn’t get any better. 

That is until Logan, Gary’s older brother, walks back into their lives.

Logan is the bully that made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Wendy should despise the cocky alpha male. However, she can’t ignore Logan’s hard, muscular body or the hungry looks he is throwing her way.

Can Wendy protect her vows? Will the couple’s love survive the raw power of the The Wrong Brother?

Find out in the complete Wrong Brother Series. This includes all 4 books for over 57,000 words of cheating, betrayal and cuckolding humiliation.

What readers have said about The Wrong Brother series:

The Wrong Brother: Part One

“…A brilliant beginning. Manus has a great plot here that must be based on reality.

Great characters who are developing beautifully – especially Wendy…”- Goodreads

The Wrong Brother: Part Two

“….Another great addition to this series. Keeps you captivated and page turning. Short, but a lot packed into a little. Highly recommended!” – Goodreads

“…If you enjoy an edge to your cuckold genre, you should add this to your books to read…” -Goodreads

The Wrong Brother: Part 3

 “…A must read but it is Book Three and you need to read Books One and Two first.

Delicious. A five star book…” – Goodreads

The Wrong Brother: Part 4

“This series is a must have for anyone who craves the dark, forbidden love story between a wife and another man.”

The Naughty Cuckold Fairy Tales Series

Get all three books for one, lower price!

Naughty Cuckold Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection






This collection includes:

One Last Wish

The Moor, an evil magician, has taken Aladdin’s lamp, his palace and his lovely wife, Badr al Badur. Using her beautiful body, the young princess attempts to seduce the wizard while Aladdin takes back the lamp and his life.

But, what happens when the seducer becomes the seduced? Will love win the day over the magic of the genie and the twisted desires of the Moor?

Read this tale of cuckolding and surrender to find out!

The Fairest of Them All

The evil queen has set her sights on the prince’s kingdom and only one person stands in her way…Snow White. But, the queen has a plan. A plan that involves a sexy huntsman, a magic mirror and a very special apple.

Will the queen triumph? And if she does, who will live happily ever after?

All Grown Up

Wendy Darling, now twenty years old, is kidnapped by Captain Hook and spirited away to the Neverland. Intending to use Wendy to lure Peter Pan into a trap, Hook begins to notice that Wendy is not the young girl he once knew, but an attractive young woman.

Hook sets his sights on Wendy and he’s going to show her and Peter what it means to be all grown up!

Enjoy this naughty fairy tale which includes seduction, cuckolding and surrender.

The Game

A taboo cuckold series by Manus Dare!






The Game: The Complete Series is now available on Amazon.

Sometimes, the best games are the ones you play with family.

Pete and I have been married for seven years and the fire that used to burn hot between us has dwindled to smoldering embers.

So, when my stepsister, Sally, asked us to come stay at her beach house in the San Juan Islands, I jumped at the chance. I had hoped the time away from normal life would give Pete and I the opportunity to reconnect.

Everything changed when I unexpectedly caught Sally in bed with her hot, alpha male husband, Mitch. As shocked as I am by my own arousal, I am even more surprised when I uncover Pete’s hidden cuckold desires. My husband loves to be teased.

And I love to tease him.

After all, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game!

Try out the Game Series today! Part 1 is just 99 cents! Check it out hereOr you can get the The Game: The Complete Series here for just $3.99!


Taken While Hubby Watches

All three Taken While Hubby Watches books now in one bundle. Over 40,000 words of hot wives cuckolding their husbands with big, black men. 

Once these reluctant husbands watch their wives go black, they can never go back!

Taken by the Jock

Scott and Jessica Thomas both work for a small junior college. Scott is as an academic counselor and his job is to help the young black athletes maintain their grades and keep playing for the school’s football team. Jessica is the athletic trainer and spends her days working with young, black men. 

This doesn’t bother Scott. In fact, he often fantasizes about Jessica with a muscular, black athlete. However, when Scott finds out that Jessica has been having after hours sessions with the school’s star quarterback, the arousal turns into jealousy. In a fit of anger, Scott assaults the young stud, threatening both of their jobs. Suddenly, the couple find themselves under the young jock’s control. His desires are clear: He wants Jessica and he wants to take her while her husband watches. 

Taken by the Ex

“So, Derek is back in town.”

Rachel knew how crazy it made me when she talked about her black, alpha male ex-boyfriend, Derek. The way he made her feel, how big he was, how good he was in bed. The dirty talk began as a way to heat things up between us and had turned into a regular game we played. 

But now, Derek is back in town and Rachel wants to see him, to be with him, just like the old days. Not only that, she wants me to be a part of it. She wants me to watch.

Taken by the Rival

Jack and I had always been rivals, ever since college. We competed in sports, academics and women. Jack, a big, sexy black man may have been able to beat me when it came to attracting pretty, young women, but those days were behind me. I was married now and there was no way Jack could outdo me when it came to my lovely wife, Natalie.

When Jack visits, however, I find myself falling back into the same competitive patterns, especially when the sexy, black stud begins flirting with my wife. Jack proposes a bet. The terms are simple: If Natalie can bring Jack to orgasm first, we win and get an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, on Jack’s dime.

If we lose, Jack and Natalie will go to Hawaii and leave me at home. Alone.

The opportunity is too good to pass up. And when we win, it will be my opportunity to show Jack who the better man really is.

After all, there’s no way my loving, hotwife can lose, is there?