Black Christmas: A Holiday Interracial Cuckold Tale

I offered this up for free a couple of weeks back and just wanted to add a post about it. This story is now on sale at Amazon.  It is a sequel to my book Black Friday and continues the story of Jackie and Roger Thompson as they travel down the winding, twisty road of cuckolding.

I’ve also added some other elements to this story. With the introduction of Roger’s son and his wife, there is the opportunity for some stepson-stepmom action as Jackie uses her body, and her black lover Jason, to entice Roger’s family into the cuckold lifestyle. Top it off with some light BDSM and you have the makings of a Christmas story you won’t soon forget!

I am also currently writing the followup to this story as well. It is called Valentine’s are Black and I hope to have it up by Valentine’s Day. However, knowing me, it will probably be a bit late.

Thanks for reading!

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