The Wrong Brother: A new bully cuckold series coming soon

So, while I have been working hard on Dream Job and its followup novels, I took a break from the characters of Ashley, Tim and Gideon to start up another series. It features Gary and Wendy a young couple enjoying a great life. That is, until Gary’s older brother Logan shows up.

Logan is a bully and made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Now he’s back and he has eyes for the best thing in Gary’s life: Wendy.

This story, or series of stories, will have a lot more cheating in it than a standard cuckold tale. I’ve been saying for awhile that I really want to write a netorare story and this is it. I will be alternating between Dream Job and The Wrong Brother for the next two or three months.

Check out the new cover and a tagline below:

He’s her husband’s brother. Growing up, he made her husband’s life a living hell. She shouldn’t be attracted to him. So, why can’t she resist The Wrong Brother?

Wrong Brother

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