New installment of bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available

Part 3 of my current bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available on Amazon. Please give it a read!

After surrendering once again to Logan’s superior body, Wendy expects her brother-in-law to press his claim on her. Instead, Logan ignores her, leaving her in emotional turmoil.

Wendy decides to fight back. After Gary sets up a conciliatory dinner with Logan, she plans to use the opportunity to tease her brother-in-law. 

Gary even agrees to the idea. Logan can look at Wendy all he wants, but it will be her loving husband who reaps the rewards. What could be a better revenge on his cocky, older brother?

However, Logan refuses to play by the rules and Wendy’s plan soon comes undone. Once again, she comes face to face with her brother-in-law’s sexual power. 

Can she resist Logan with her husband just feet away? And, as her alpha male brother-in-law works his considerable charms on her, she faces another, more important, question.

Does she even want to resist?

Find out in part 3 of this 4 part taboo cuckold series!

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