The Wrong Brother Part 4 is now available! Check out the stunning conclusion to this cuckold bully series!

The wait is over! The final chapter in The Wrong Brother series is now available on Amazon.

Wendy and Gary are happily married and living in the suburbs. They have a nice house, good jobs, and are discussing having children to fill their happy home. Life just couldn’t get any better for the loving couple. 

That is until Logan, Gary’s older brother, walks back into their lives.

Logan is a bully and made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Wendy should despise the cocky alpha male. However, she can’t ignore Logan’s hard, muscular body or the hungry looks he is throwing her way.

Once again, Wendy has fallen prey to her alpha male brother-in-law and things grow even more intense between the two of them. As their relationship deepens, Wendy must make some hard decisions about the consequences of her actions. Chief among them: What will she do if she gets pregnant with Logan’s baby?

Wendy sets a plan in motion that culminates at Gary’s surprise birthday party. However, not all the surprises are happy as secrets are revealed and Gary and Wendy’s marriage faces its ultimate test.

Can their love survive the devastating power of the wrong brother?

This book contains cheating, betrayal and cuckolding humiliation.

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