Dream Job 2: Working Overtime Now Available!

My newest novel of cuckolding and betrayal is now available!

In Dream Job their love was tested like never before. Ashley and Tim’s marriage survived, but that was before Ashley began Working Overtime.

Ashley and Tim are still recovering from Ashley’s business trip with her boss, Gideon Cole. Ashley is fighting her attraction to Gideon, while Tim is dealing with his own reactions to seeing his wife with the powerful, black billionaire. However, when Gideon shows no further interest in the young wife, the couple is relieved. They survived the affair and can now move on.

However, there is more on Gideon’s mind than just work. Asked to stay for a late night work session, Ashley is once again forced to make a decision between her love for her husband and her growing desire for her handsome, black boss.

As the young couple falls victim to Gideon’s growing demands, they once again find their marriage at risk. Will Ashley and Tim’s love be enough to save them from her Dream Job?

Dream Job 2: Working Overtime https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YXFDB46/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_wUsODbCQQKAW1

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