Sci Fi, Horror, Cuckold Mashup Now Available!

BETA Test BlogI’ve noticed I have been a lot more active on Twitter than I have here on my blog. I hope to rectify that. I will post at least once a week with updates on my stories and other announcements.

First, however, I need to catch up on some new releases. I am pretty proud of this story. It deviates, in a big way, from my normal cuckolding humiliation tales. Don’t worry! There is still plenty of cuckolding action but this time I have added a big scoop of science fiction and a dash of horror. This one is not for the faint of heart!

Beta Test

The Department is a spy organization so secret that no one has heard of it.  It operates in the shadows, sending its agents around the world to infiltrate all levels of society. Its very existence relies upon one thing: Complete Loyalty.

Agents Tommy and Reina Hannigan have broken a cardinal rule of the organization. They have fallen in love. They have placed their loyalty for each other over that of the Department. Married in secret, their only hope is that they can hide their love from the Department and its head, the devious mastermind known only as the Director.

The eyes of the Department are everywhere, however, and when the Director finds out about the young couple’s illicit affair, he comes up with a fitting punishment. The Department has been searching for ways to manipulate the bodies and the emotions of their agents. The Director thinks they have found the answer, but the new technology needs test subjects. Tommy and Reina are the perfect guinea pigs. Two young people whose love can be tested by the diabolical new weapons the Director unleashes upon them.

Will their love be enough to defeat the the Director? What happens when the love the young couple holds so dear is twisted into the very weapon that will test them apart?

Warning: This is a dark sci fi, horror story that contains graphic sex, cuckolding, humiliation, body control, emotion control, bondage, mind break and the possible death of a main character. If this is not your cup of tea, please try some of my other cuckold and humiliation stories!

BETA Test Blog




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