Claiming Brandy: Part 1 Now Available!

Claiming Brandy: Part 1 is now available on Amazon! Please check it out!

A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal.

Brandy and Miles McCabe have a problem. Miles’s boss, Kurt Brock, is a bully. Since he took over the advertising firm from his late father, he has made Miles’s life miserable. His confidence shattered, Miles’s deepening depression carries over into the bedroom.

Brandy McCabe wants it all. A nice house, a loving husband and a family, all of which is being threatened by her husband’s boss. Frustrated, Brandy meets with Kurt to discuss the matter and win back her husband’s pride and position.

Kurt shocks Brandy by making her an indecent proposal, one which will threaten everything Brandy holds dear. Because, Kurt doesn’t just want to sleep with her. He wants to take her. He wants to own her.

He wants to claim her.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Claiming Brandy is a story of blackmail, cheating and betrayal with a cuckold ending that may, or may not, be happy for everyone. 

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