Claiming Brandy Part 2: Rough draft complete!

Claiming Brandypromo

I finished the rough draft of Claiming Brandy Part 2 just moments ago and was so excited I wanted to let my readers know!

This might also be a good time to explain my writing process, if anyone is interested in such things.  Rough drafts are a hodgepodge of notebook entries and bits I typed up in Google Docs. I am not much of a typist and I have found that I am able to defeat writing blocks by writing free hand. This takes longer, but I am actually able to complete a rough draft quicker if I write it it in my little, spiral bound notebooks (wide ruled so I don’t have to write small!).

Now begins the process of typing, or dictating my handwritten words into Google Docs. Then, after that is all done, I go over the draft looking for the ‘ugly’ bits. Grammar, misspellings and, for me, repetition of words, phrases or concepts that I just let go in the rough draft.

So, it looks like I have a week of editing left on Part 2. Luckily, Claiming Brandy is being release in installments, so it should take me a little less time to edit. Then, off to beta readers to give me some feedback and fix any ugliness I missed. It is not a perfect process, I still find spelling errors or clunky phrases, but this produces the best product I can do without employing an editor.

So, I am hoping for a release before January 31st. I hope you are all awaiting the next installment as much as I was when I was writing it. This is going to be one of my wickedest netorare/cuckold stories to date.

I really hope you like it!

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