Claiming Brandy: Part 3 is now available!!

Claiming Brandy 3 is now available at Amazon! Get over there and continue the story of Miles, Brandy and Kurt!

A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal.

Miles McCabe’s life is back on track. After his recent business trip, he returns home flush with success and ready to fall into the arms of his beautiful wife, Brandy.

Brandy, however, is harboring a terrible secret of her own. While Miles has been away, his manipulating, alpha male boss has been keeping Brandy company in their marital bed. With Miles home, she longs to reconnect with her husband and forget all about her treacherous attraction to another man.

Will Brandy be able to break off her affair with Kurt in time? Or is this all just a part of Kurt’s plan to claim Brandy for his very own?

Find out in Part 3 of Claiming Brandy!

This is part 3 of a 4 part series and may contain a cliffhanger. Claiming Brandy is a story of blackmail, cheating and betrayal with a cuckold ending that may, or may not, be happy for everyone.

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