Claiming Brandy Part 4 now available


I am pleased that the fourth and final book in the Brandy Series is now available on Amazon!

A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal.

Just when Miles McCabe thinks his life is going great, he receives a very dirty video from Kurt, his boss. A video starring Kurt and his beautiful wife, Brandy. The video unlocks a hidden desire in Miles that he never knew he had. A desire that may save his relationship with Brandy, or destroy him forever.

Will Miles’s love and desire for Brandy be enough to hold on to his beloved wife? Or will Kurt step forward and finally claim Brandy forever?

Find out in the stunning conclusion of this 4 part series!

This is part 4 of a 4 part series and may contain a cliffhanger. Claiming Brandy is a story of blackmail, cheating, and betrayal with a cuckold ending that may, or may not, be happy for everyone.

Claiming Brandyallpartspromo


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