What Would You Do?

WWYD (1)

Enjoy this free interracial cuckold story!

Larry thinks he’s sneaking home to watch his step-daughter and her big black boyfriend. What he finds will change his life forever!

**This is a story I wrote under the pen name of seduced2cheat way back in the early 2000’s. My writing has changed a lot since I posted this story for free. However, the major themes I enjoy, cheating, cuckolding, and humiliation, are still here. So, I stroked this story a bit and tried to make it wetter and hotter than the original. I hope you like it! -Dare**

It’s weird how quickly life can change. You decide to take off early from work, go home and spend some time alone in the house while your wife and stepdaughter were out.A afternoon all to myself. How novel.

If I had just stayed at work, none of this would have happened.

Still, I was in a great mood that day. It was cool and clear as I turned up  Gooseberry Street. As I pulled up in front of our little, yellow house,my good mood evaporated, In my usual spot there was a small, red sports car.


Kevin had become a familiar figure around the house. He was a muscular black man, the starting running back on the state college team. He was older than Julie, something my wife Amanda often worried about. I didn’t like Kevin for my own reasons. He reminded me too much of the smug football players who had tormented me in college. Those boys who walked around campus like they owned the place, able to smile or wheedle and have any girl they wanted on their knees. I’d spent many a lonely night in my dorm wanting to be them, just for a night, but I knew it would never happen.

Even though I’d been out of college for the better part of fifteen years, the feelings of insecurity had never gone away. Those same feelings crawled into my guts whenever Kevin was around, casually taking over as the alpha male in my own home. The only thing that saved me was that Amanda seemed immune to his charms and, if anything, disliked Julie and Kevin’s relationship more than I did.

Realizing my afternoon was ruined, I parked beside the sports car and let myself into the house. I knew at once something was wrong. Neither Julie nor Kevin were in the living room or kitchen. I was about to announce my presence when I heard a voice cry out from down the hall.

“Kevin! God, baby! It’s so good!”

Even though I had never heard my stepdaughter cry out in ecstasy, I knew what she was excited. I walked slowly down the hall and stopped at Julie’s door, but there was no one there. I heard a voice growl from further down the hall.

“Yeah, slut! You like being fucked in your daddy’s bed, don’t you?”

I was stunned. The voices were coming from my bedroom! I was angry, but I didn’t run to my room and bust down the door. Instead, I crept down the hall and looked into my bedroom, peeking around the corner.

“He’s not my real daddy, but I do love it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!”

I couldn’t believe the sight before me, my lithe young stepdaughter’s pale legs spread wide as her large, black boyfriend pounded her into my bed. Her head lolled back and forth, Kevin’s massive cock stretched her delicate pussy lips wide. 

His cock was huge! It was as thick as my wrist and long. Slippery with my stepdaughter’s juices,  Kevin hammered the glistening, black shaft into Julie’s pussy again and again. 

My cock was rock hard. I had never thought of Julie that way. Of course, I had seen her grow into a beautiful woman with a tight, lean body and round, full breasts. Anyone could see she was a stunner, but I had never let my mind go there.

But now, seeing her thrashing under the weight of Kevin’s large black body, I couldn’t help myself. I undid my pants and released my cock, noticing how small and pale it was compared to the thick, black muscle working in and out of Julie’s cunt.

“Oh, God!” Julie cried and threw her hips upwards into her black lover. “Yes, baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Spurred on by my stepdaughter’s cries, Kevin drove even harder into her firm, young body.

“That’s it, you little slut! You love my cock, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy. Are you ready for my cum, baby? You want that cum inside you?”

“Yes! Fill me up, baby! Fill me up!”

Just the thought of my beautiful young stepdaughter’s pussy filled with this powerful man’s cum pushed me over the edge. My cock twitched in my hand, squirting a small load onto the hardwood. 

Meanwhile, Kevin was shooting his own load into the squirming body of my wife’s daughter. She screamed, clasping her body against his, their crotches grinding together. She came again as he emptied his balls into her young womb.

I watched them for a while, kissing and whispering my bed. Soon, Kevin’s cock softened, and he pulled it out, thick white cum spilling out onto my bedspread. I knew that if that much was coming out of her, there must be a lot more inside her womb.

I stumbled out of the house, my thoughts in turmoil. I still couldn’t believe the scene had turned me on so much. Just the thought of my stepdaughter’s pale skin against that gleaming black body had been enough to make me shoot my load. I had seen videos like this before, but that had been so primal, so hot. Until that moment, I had not realized just what a turn on black on white sex could be.

That night, it was all I could do not to stare at Julie, imagining her round bottom humping on my bed while a thick, black cock pounded in her pussy. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, I barely noticed my Amanda arguing with her daughter.

“I just don’t think you should see Kevin anymore.”

“Mother, please! You’re being so racist!”

“It’s not about him being black, Julie! He’s a lot older than you are and I don’t think it’s a healthy relationship. Right, Larry?”

I almost missed the question. My mind was on Julie’s “relationship” with the young black man. It had certainly seemed healthy that afternoon.


I came out of my reverie. Personally, I saw nothing wrong with Julie’s “relationship”. In fact, after what I had witnessed that afternoon, I was all for my stepdaughter seeing her black lover.

“I don’t know, honey. After all, Julie is nineteen. I think she can make her own decisions, don’t you?”

Amanda was stunned. I had always agreed with her on issues dealing with Julie. Now, I was taking Julie’s side in the debate.

Julie was delighted and clapped her hands like a little girl. She ran over to me and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me on the cheek. My cheeks reddened as I smelled the fresh scent of her skin and felt the firm, heavy breasts sink into my back.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

My cock shifted in my pants. Julie smiled and left the room, leaving me with her mother’s angry stare.

“How could you do that?” Amanda hissed. “You know how I feel about him. I thought you didn’t like him any better than I did.”

“I don’t.” I shrugged. “I guess it just feels wrong to keep them apart. You know, like it’s wrong for her to date a black man. I don’t feel that way.”

“You know it’s not like that! There’s just something about him.” She frowned and her brow creased. She looked away from me and I noticed a blush in her cheeks. “My god, Larry! What if she gets pregnant? She’s not thinking straight around this boy!”

I had a flash of Kevin’s glistening black cock slipping from Julie’s pussy, and the enormous amount of cum spilling from it. 

“Listen, sweetheart,” I said. I forgot Amanda’s discomfort as the excitement rose in my pants. “She’s going to see him whether we allow it or not. Fighting her is just going to make her want to be with him that much more.”

Amanda was still not happy but didn’t argue the point. Instead, as I lay beside her in bed that night, I felt her silence as her way of carrying the fight to the bedroom. Normally, that would have bothered me, but that night I turned over and thought of Julie and Kevin, fucking wildly on the same bed just hours earlier.

I didn’t get much sleep that night, my cock was painfully hard. Finally, I awoke, my cock throbbing against the mattress. I soon realized that there was another reason I had woken up.

Amanda lay next to me, moaning. She had hiked the hem of her loose nightgown over her hips. One hand was on her heavy left breast, while she thrust the other hand between her legs. She rolled her hips slowly as she worked her pussy. The smell of her sex was heavy in the air and her fingers made squishy sounds in her wet pussy.

I was shocked. She was masturbating next to me. My cock was rock hard from thinking of her daughter and Kevin, but now those thoughts mixed with the vision of my wife bucking her hips off the bed, much in the same way that Julie had bucked with her young lover. The two thoughts mingled and fought inside of my brain and before I knew it, I had rolled over and was attacking Amanda’s right breast with my mouth as my cock ground into her soft high.

“Larry!” Amanda gasped in my ear. “Larry…Larry…”

I covered her mouth with hard, sloppy kisses to stop and protest. I needn’t have worried. She was pushing at my pajama bottoms, working them down over my ass.

“Condom.” She moaned. “Please…”

I grunted in frustration and lust. I had yet to get a vasectomy, even though Amanda, and I had decided not to have kids years before. Amanda wasn’t on the pill because she didn’t like the way it felt and condoms had always worked before. 

I scrambled to the bedside table, ripping open the drawer. I didn’t want whatever feeling that was coursing through my wife to go away. I needed her; I needed something after being turned on all night.

Finally, I opened the condom package and smoothed the cold rubber over my cock while Amanda continued to finger herself. It was so hot, watching my wife dip her fingers between her swollen folds in front of me. I fumbled with the rubber and secured it. 

“Ooh, Larry!” Amanda moaned in my ears as I fell on top of her. I poked against her pussy, feeling the tempting warmth of my wife. Finally, I found the angle and plunged deep inside of her, sighing in relief. 

Thoughts of Julie on this same bed invaded my brain as I pumped my cock into her mother. So alike, the faces and the pale skin. Amanda had filled out after having Julie. Her breasts were heavier, her body softer, but she was just as sexy as her daughter. Maybe sexier because she was squirming under me and not that bastard Kevin.

Thinking of Kevin reminded me of his black cock inside Julie. I remembered her cries. Amanda was moaning, but not screaming. Perhaps it was fear that Julie would hear, but I suspected it was because I wasn’t hard enough or big enough to give her what Kevin had given Julie that afternoon. Excited by this idea, I pounded even harder into my wife. I wanted her to scream. 

The most I got was a muffled groan and her body convulsed on the bed as she gave in to her orgasm.

I followed a moment later, my balls tensing painfully just before my load burst out of me bubbling up in the end of the condom. I fell forward, sweaty and exhausted, lying my head on Amanda’s soft breasts as she brushed fingers through my hair.

“That was nice.” She murmured, and I wondered if Julie thought Kevin’s fucking was just nice. I doubted it.

“Yeah,” I said and lifted my head up and looked her in the eyes. “You seemed a little worked up.”

She giggled and stroked my cheek.

“So were you.” She said. “What were you thinking about?”

I only hesitated a moment. I certainly wasn’t going to tell her what I had been really thinking about.

“Just how hot you are,” I said and nibbled at her chin. “How hot you make me.”

“Mmm.” She murmured and smiled. “You are a sweet talker.”

“I know.” I kissed her. “What were you thinking about?”

She looked at me in the eyes, her mouth curled up into a smile.

“The same baby.” She said. “I was thinking the same thing about you.”


I was useless at work the next day. My thoughts kept drifting back to my young step-daughter and sex with my wife the night before. I felt guilty for thinking of Julie while I was with Amanda, but I couldn’t stop my own naughty thoughts. 

Finally, unable to take it anymore. I told my boss I was sick and drove home.

When I got there, I saw Kevin’s car in the drive, parked in front of the closed garage door. My cock was already stiffening in anticipation of seeing Julie with her muscular black stud. Maybe I would get to see her suck his cock! The idea of her pretty pink lips stretched around that dark flesh made me giddy.

I entered the house quietly, making my way to the master bedroom, stopping to listen at the doors to make sure Julie and her lover had not decided to couple somewhere else. All the rooms were empty. At the end of the hall, the master bedroom door stood open. I heard voices. The lust crawled inside my belly, pulling me forward towards my bedroom.

As I neared the door, I heard Kevin’s words.

“That’s it, slut! You know you want this cock, so just put it in your mouth!”

My throat clenched and I was just about to look into the room when I heard a woman’s voice.

“Kevin, we can’t. This is wrong. What about Julie and Larry?”

My stomach plummeted and my chest squeezed. I recognized that voice and it wasn’t Julie.

“Fuck them!” Kevin growled. “You’ve been jealous of your hot little daughter ever since she started fucking me. That’s why you want her to stop seeing me. And as for your husband, I know he can’t take care of you like I can.”

Invisible hands were gripping my body, forcing me to look into the room. I already knew what I would see, but the shock nearly knocked me off my feet. 

Amanda, my beautiful wife, was sitting on the edge of the bed, her pale body covered by a thin white shift and panties. Standing over her was Kevin, his thick, black monster swinging in front of her eyes. 

“Oh my God!” She gasped. “I had no idea it was so big!”

Her eyes were wide, mesmerized by the tremendous cock as Kevin waved it slowly back and forth.

“That’s right, Mrs. Patterson.” Kevin chuckled, his voice softer now. Soothing. Like a man taming a skittish horse. “I’ll bet Larry doesn’t have anything like this, does he?”

Hearing my name in Kevin’s mouth made me sick with anger. My cock, however, was throbbing in my pants.

I longed to hear my wife tell the young man that she had no interest in his cock, but she said nothing. Instead, her pale hand moved forward, slowly curling around the monstrous shaft. His cock jumped in her hand and she laughed.

“Oh my God! It’s alive!”

Amanda slowly stroked the black monster, hypnotized by the dark weight of it in her hand. Soon, it was hard, pointing at my pretty wife’s pink lips.

“You want to suck it don’t you, Mrs. Patterson?”

Using Amanda’s married name stung deep and I felt tears prick my eyes. Amanda slowly shook her head, looking up into the stud’s face with wide eyes.

“I can’t do that. I’ve never sucked one so big before.”

Kevin laughed.

“Well, it’s about time you sucked on a real man’s cock. Now, I’m through asking!”

Amanda looked at the cock, at the fat, purple-black head dripping with pre-cum. Then, I saw her do something she’d never done before. Her pink tongue darted out of her mouth and she licked her top lip, making it wet. Then, she leaned forward, kissing the bulbous tip of Kevin’s cock, and sucked the sticky drops from the slit.

Her sensuous movement made me forget, for just a second, that this was my loving wife. I felt my cock throb in my pants and a wave of shame washed over me. How could this be turning me on? I should rush in there and pull the black man off my wife, but I was scared. Scared of Kevin’s strength and of my wife’s reaction.

What if she didn’t want me to save her?

Helpless, I remained rooted to the spot as my wife’s sensuous kiss became a furious tonguing as she washed the length of his prick, sliding her mouth down to the pendulous ball sac, then back up to the huge head.

“Yeah, baby!” Kevin growled. “My cock looks so good against your face. You’re much better at this than your daughter.”

Amanda whimpered. “Please, don’t mention my daughter.”

Amanda’s voice was pleading, her eyes filled with shame. The black man just laughed and slapped his heavy cock against her cheek.

“I’ll say anything I want. You love it and you know it. Now tell me you want to suck this cock.”

My wife looked down at the floor. Kevin gripped her head so he could look into her eyes.

“Say it, slut! Tell me you want to suck my cock. Say it now, or I’m leaving.”

“Please, don’t leave. I want to suck your cock. Let me suck your cock, baby! I’ll suck it good.”

My heart broke and my cock twitched when I heard Amanda’s soft voice begin to beg.

“You’d better. Open your mouth, Mrs. Patterson.”

I watched stunned as my wife yawned open her mouth to engulf the enormous shaft. I couldn’t believe she was sucking him on my bed. I knew I had lost my wife, but I still couldn’t make my legs move.

“That’s a good, baby. Just like that.”

Kevin moaned as he pushed his thick flesh into my Amanda’s mouth. My wife groaned and gurgled as she struggled to take as much of the black man’s cock as she could. Given his size, that wasn’t much, but from the way Kevin was moaning, it must have felt great. Kevin wanted more, however, and pushed it even further back until my once faithful wife was gagging on the massive length, coughing up spit onto the huge shaft. Drool bubbled down her chin. Still, she never attempted to pull back, focused only on pleasing her young stud. Kevin kept feeding that cock into her face until I thought she was going to pass out.

Finally, he let Amanda up for air. She gasped for air as Kevin shoved her back onto the bed. He fell on top of her, his large black hands spreading her legs wide.

“Oh, God! Kevin, your cock is so big! I’ve never had one so big before!” Amanda moaned in adoration as Kevin stabbed the shaft into the swollen folds of Amanda’s cunt.

“Mr. Patterson isn’t enough for you, is he Mrs. Patterson?” I felt the sharp stab of humiliation as I heard Kevin laugh.”

“No.” Amanda moaned pitifully. “I just…I never knew how good it could feel. You’re so much bigger than Larry.” 

I was light-headed. The sound of my wife’s voice giving in to this man was too much. I turned to leave when I suddenly felt a presence behind me. Someone pushed me up against the doorframe, smooth hands reaching around me, encircling my waist. I heard a soft voice in my ear.

“Like what you see, Daddy?”

I said nothing, stunned speechless by the presence of my stepdaughter rubbing her firm body against my back. The round breasts pressed into my shoulder as Julie’s tongue flicked my ear. 

“Don’t be so surprised, Daddy,” Julie whispered. “I knew you were there yesterday, and I knew you’d be back. I thought this was a good time for Kevin and Mom to have a little talk. Kevin sure knows how to carry on a conversation, doesn’t he?”

Kevin shoved his cock deep into Amanda’s quivering body and my wife cried out in pleasure.

Amanda spread her legs even farther, opening herself wide to allow more of Kevin’s length to disappear into her wet cunt.

“Mom likes that cock. Who wouldn’t, am I right, Daddy?”

Julie laughed, sliding her hand down to my crotch. She brushed her fingers across the tent in my pants, feeling the throbbing of my cock. 

“Looks like you like it too, don’t you, Daddy? I knew you would.”

She unzipped my jeans. I tried to move. Julie’s voice became cold and commanding.

“Don’t you move, Daddy! If you do, I’ll let everyone know how much you like to watch a big black cock fuck your wife. You and Mom won’t be able to go out anymore.”

I couldn’t believe the evil girl my stepdaughter had become. In a second, she had my pants pulled down and was rubbing my cock roughly in her hand.

On the bed, Amanda was now on her hands and knees, humping vigorously against her black lover, screaming in passion. Kevin had a hand on her ass, keeping her steady as he pounded into her.

“Oh, God!” She screamed. “Kevin, you’re so good. It feels so good!”

“That’s right, Mrs. Patterson. From now on you’re going to let me fuck your daughter anytime I want, aren’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! Anytime!!”

“And you’re going to let me fuck you whenever I want too, right slut? ”

“Yes! Fuck me! Anytime, just fuck me!”

“What about your husband?”

Amanda moaned but didn’t answer. This wasn’t good enough for Kevin. He pushed Amanda’s chest against the mattress, her soft, round ass in the air, and began stabbing her with hard, vicious strokes.

“I said, what about Mr. Patterson?”

Kevin slammed even harder into Amanda’s upturned ass. He shoved her face into the pillows, muffling her screams as the sharp slaps of his hips against her butt cheeks echoed through the room. Julie jerked my cock in time to the savage pounding and brought me to the edge as Amanda’s body tensed and twitched in orgasm.

Kevin reached forward and yanked Amanda’s head up by her hair. 

“What do you say, Mrs. P.? What about your husband now?” 

Amanda’s head lolled in Kevin’s fist. She gasped for air then looked back at the powerful black man. My wife was gone, her eyes clouded by lust.

“I don’t care,” she moaned. “I just need your cock. You can have me anytime, baby! Just don’t stop fucking me.”

“Hear that, Daddy?”Julie whispered. “So much for true love.”

Julie bore down on my cock with cruel, painful strokes. Her other hand closed over my mouth to muffle my moans. She didn’t want to ruin her mother’s special day.

Despite the pain, my cock throbbed. I grunted against Julie’s hand as the pressure released. My cock opened and a thin jet of cum squirted against the doorframe. Julie let go of my spurting cock, letting my remaining seed bubble out of my twitching cock and puddle on the floor.

Julie wiped her hand on the back of my shirt.

“Well, Daddy, I hope you liked that. It looks you’re only getting a hand from now on.”

With that she laughed, slapped me on the ass, and walked away, leaving me weak-kneed in the hallway. In my bedroom, my wife was screaming. 

“Oh, Kevin! Fuck me just like that! I’m cumming, baby! I’m cumming for you!”

“That’s right, Mrs. P! I’m cumming too! I’m going to own that sweet pussy!”

I realized then that Kevin wasn’t wearing a condom. Just like with Julie, his glistening, black flesh was bare. He was going to cum in my wife just like he’d cum in her daughter. This big, black cock could make both the women in my life pregnant.

I stifled a sob as Kevin growled. His words turned to guttural grunts as he gave himself over to the pleasure. I watched in horror as the dark muscles of his ass tensed and he drove forward, emptying his heavy balls into my wife’s shivering body. 

After what seemed like an hour he pulled out, his cock covered with cum. He rubbed the thick head against Amanda’s ass, leaving thick trails of pearly white seed across the cheeks.

Without saying a word, he laid down on my bed, flicking his cum covered cock until Amanda’s eyes noticed it. She moaned, scooting up between his thighs and knelt down so she could gratefully worship her black lover.

I slunk away from the door as my wife cleaned Kevin’s cock. I left my house and wound up in this bar, getting drunk. 

I don’t know what to do now. Should I go home? Should I watch? Or should I do what a real man would do and leave my wife?

Tell me, honestly.

What would you do?

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