Cheat Code: A Sci Fi/Horror Cuckold story!

You don’t want to win if you’re not willing to cheat.

In a world where humans have been forced indoors, the virtual world of the Link has become an essential way for people to live their lives. Eric and Lacey spend their days in their small apartment, working and playing online.

When Eric uses a cheat code to defeat the boss of his favorite game, the code awakens the AI within. Awake and angry, the new intelligence wants revenge. But when it comes for Eric, it won’t come after him. It will come after the one thing Eric loves most.


Warning: This is a dark sci fi/horror story that contains graphic sex, cuckolding, humiliation, body control, emotion control, and mind break. If this is not your cup of tea, please try some of Manus Dare’s other cuckold and humiliation stories!

Buy now on Amazon!

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