Mother’s Day: A Bully Cheating Story

Now Available on Amazon!

What this loving and mother craves on Mother’s Day is something her family just can’t give her.

Heather’s husband and son love her. On Mother’s Day, they bring her breakfast in bed, clean the house, and make dinner. They even spring for an expensive day spa so the special woman in their life can enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. 

It’s the kind of Mother’s Day any mother would love.

Except, Heather has different ideas on how to spend her special day, ideas that don’t include a massage, a manicure, or a facial mask. She’s got other plans. Plans that include her son’s bully, a hot, young alpha stud that Heather knows she should stay away from, especially on a day that should be devoted to her family.

Can Heather resist the forbidden temptation of her son’s bully? Or, will this hot, alpha male give her a Mother’s Day gift she will never forget?

This is a Manus Dare story that includes cheating, betrayal and a Happy Mother’s Day you won’t want to miss!

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