So You Want to Write Erotica: Getting in the Way!

So, you’ve set up your story and introduced the persons (or persons) the MC wants to have sex with. That’s it, right? Let’s just have them get it on, hit the sheets, bump uglies (yeah, I hate that last one, but I couldn’t help myself).

You can totally do that. But, if you do, I argue that it’s not a story. It’s a scene, or in fancy terms, a vignette. It could be hot and it might get someone off, but they’ll forget about it an hour later. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I want more! I don’t want things to be easy. I don’t want things to work out right away. I want DRAMA!

This is a great place to add Something (or Someone) that gets in the way!

Something or Someone Gets in the Way

This could be a variety of things. Perhaps their is an age difference, or they come from families who hate each other. Maybe one or both of them are married. These are external pressures and they are all valid reasons for two people that are hot for each other to take a pause.

The most important thing to remember is that it should make the sex more dramatic. Adding this pressure makes the sex mean something beyond a quick hookup.

Bonus Points: If your antagonist also represents a societal pressure keeping your characters from bumping uglies, that is a bonus!

They Have Sex

Now, this element can come before or after the sex. Maybe the characters had sex after leaving the bar, but we find out one of them has a jealous lover. You can intersperse sex throughout your story, but it adds spice if there is something or someone trying to keep the lovers apart.

Darotica Note

In my stories, the person who gets in the way is almost always the husband or boyfriend. I know it seems like it should be the reverse, but remember, my stories are reverse love stories.

In a cheating story, the external pressure is off screen (she shouldn’t cheat but just can’t help it). In a cuckold story the husband is present, voicing his concerns over just how far his wife is going to go. Either way, the significant other is getting in the way of the sex.

So, there you have it. Someone or Something standing in the way of your characters sex lives not only adds drama, but can turn a sexy $.99 vignette into a great $2.99 story!

Until next time I want you to watch your favorite romance or romantic comedy. Who or what stands in the way of the sex? Does the antagonist represent the societal pressure to keep the lovers apart?

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