Prima Nocta: New Fantasy Cuckold Story Now Available!

Brand new story now available on Amazon and other retailers!

Something a little different, a cuckold fantasy story set in an all new fantasy world! Let me know what you think!

For a hundred years the Mythran Empire has claimed Prima Nocta, the first night, over the conquered Elven tribes. It is both a show of power and an attempt to breed out the magical blood that runs through the veins of the Elven race.

​​​​​​​Amara doesn’t want to lie with the Duke on her wedding night and she certainly doesn’t want to enjoy the act of betrayal. However, she is shocked when she finds the Duke more skilled than she could possibly have imagined. Still, the pleasure she feels at the Duke’s touch is nothing compared to the startling revelation she discovers in his arms.

​​​​​​​Prima Nocta isn’t about the corruption of one, Elven bride. It’s about the subjugation of an entire race and Amara’s submission may hasten her people’s ultimate defeat.

Prima Nocta is a fantasy story with Manus Dare’s unique blend of cheating, cuckolding, and mind break. The ending may not be happy, but it is definitely hot!

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