Real Heroes Always Go Down!

It started out as a joke on Twitter.

DC comics told the creator of the HBO Max Harley Quinn show that Batman wouldn’t go down on Catwoman because ‘heroes don’t do that!’ Well, that didn’t sit well with me so I had to write my own story.

Coming soon: The story of Pussy Willow, a feline heroine, and her boyfriend Knightshade, the armored Crusader of Justice! When Knightshade refuses to pleasure Pussy Willow, she seeks solace in the arms, or mouth, of Sydney Spazworth, otherwise know as the monstrous villain, The Bulge.

Will the gray goliath be able to pleasure our heroine? What will Knightshade do when finds out?

Will Knighshade learn the ultimate lesson that Real Heroes Always Go Down?

Coming soon!

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