What is Darotica?

So, this came up on Twitter today and I thought I’d put up a definition of #darotica in the hopes that it’ll be available if anyone else chooses to look it up on Google.

#darotica was a term coined by Alexa Sommers, a wonderful erotica author in her own right, to define my unique brand of erotica. My stories, for those of you new to my work, is a mixture of netorare and cuckolding. In other words, my stories are about wives and girlfriends who fall for another man. Humiliation, shame, and lust are all involved and, as many of you might have guessed, my endings don’t tend to be happy for the poor husband or boyfriend.

Now, I dabble in slice of life and drama, but I also love sci fi, horror and comic books. But, no matter the genre, all of my stories revolve around the villain winning and the hero being forced to watch. Think Jasmine having sex with Jafar while Aladdin watches and you get the idea.

By the way, I wrote that one already!

Check out all of my links below for examples of #darotica. You might regret it, but you will enjoy it!

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