New Superhero Cuckold Story Now Available!

A brand new story now available at your favorite online retailer!

No matter what they tell you, real heroes go down…or else!​​​​​​​

When Knightshade, the Armored Crusader of Justice, refuses to pleasure his girlfriend, Pussy Willow, the ferocious, feline heroine seeks solace in the arms, and mouth, of Sydney Spazworth, otherwise known as the monstrous villain, The Bulge.

Will the gray goliath be able to pleasure our heroine? What will Knightshade do when he finds out? Will the Armored Crusader learn the ultimate lesson…that Real Heroes Always Go Down!

Real Heroes Always Go Down includes superheroes, cheating, and cuckolding with an Darotica ending that only Manus Dare can provide! If you like your heroines hot, your villains victorious, and your heroes forced to watch, then read this book!

Get Real Heroes Always Go Down at all major online retailers. Click here!

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