Medium is Well Done

After having my account suspended twice and then Stripe reneging on it’s deal to pay erotica writers for their hard earned money, I officially canceled my Medium account. I was never completely sold on the pennies for words service they gave anyway, but the platform was a good way to reach new readers. Well, that experiment is now over.

This pervasive Puritan streak running through businesses is very frustrating for authors like myself who toil in near obscurity and are trying to make a few bucks off the fantasies they release into the world. And make no mistake, erotica writers are in the business of providing fantasies, most often fantasies you cannot find on free porn sites. Readers who I have talked to are looking for more story and more character than you can get from a 15 minute porn clip.

a That’s another reason I didn’t like Medium’s format. Medium readers like quick hits, a simple sex scene to get off to then get on with their day. I’m not above writing quick jerkoff story, I’ve done a few, but my kink lends itself to longer buildup and more characterization.

That is why I am happy to announce that all of my Medium stories are now on my Patreon account and I will be expanding the stories into longer works, beginning with Tricked by my Boyfriend’s Roommate. The title has been shortened to Tricked and follows the lives of Max and Kat, a happy couple who, through dirty tricks and lies, dive into a deep spiral of betrayal and cuckolding. I hope you all join me on Patreon. Even at the $1 tier you will still get two stories a month! But, at the higher tiers you get access to ALL of my content. You can even request your own alternate ending or sign up for a commission!

Thanks for all of you who follow me here and @daremanus. Your support is appreciated!


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