New Cheating and Cuckold Series!

Episode 1 of my brand new series, Tricked, is now available!

Sometimes all it takes to destroy a life is one, good trick.

When Kat receives a compromising photo of her boyfriend Max and his ex-girlfriend, she expects the worst. Distraught, she leans on Max’s roommate, Bart for consolation.

Bart, however, has ulterior motives and when he suggests a way that Kat can get back at Max she is shocked, but excited at the same time.

But, all is not as it seems in this cat and mouse game of lust and betrayal. Is Max really cheating and just how far will Kat go to get back at him?

Who is pulling the strings and who is the one about to be Tricked?

Also included in this volume:

A brand new, Darotica bonus story!


She never should have gone to her brother-in-law for money, but there was no other choice. With her husband out of work, she needed to pay the rent, buy food for the kids, and keep the house.

He was the last person her husband wanted her to turn to, but it didn’t matter. Nothing matters when you’re Desperate.

These are hot Darotica stories featuring cuckolding and betrayal and may not have a happy ending for everyone. But, if you enjoy your erotica dark and twisted, you will love this book!

Click here to get the book now!

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