New Sci Fi Cuckold Story Idea!

Hi all! 

So some of my weirdest ideas come up on Twitter and this week I found out this exists:

That’s right! Humanoid coronavirus smut! I don’t know how I missed it! So, I got to thinking, as I often do, how would I write this book!

Well, here’s a mock cover and a premise.

Cucked by the Coronavirus

Felicia and Dale Redmond are scientists working to cure the CoronaVirus. During testing, a young, male staff member named Adam gets infected. But, instead of getting sick, he becomes host to a sentient form of the virus complete with extra appendages and a bigger, better body. The new Adam is going to escape and spread his virus across the world. Only one thing stands in its way.

Felicia Redmond. She must now use her body to protect her husband and the world. But, as Dale looks for a cure, will this sensual first contact with a new life form be too much for Felicia? Will Dale be able to conquer the Coronavirus even as it ravishes his  wife’s body?

What do you all think? Could be a hit!

Anyway, just something fun for you as I continue working on a commission and try to get a new scene of Tricked uploaded today.

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