All New Cuckold Content from Manus Dare

I am getting a lot more work done now that the summer job has ended! I’ve finished and uploaded Cheap Trick: Tricked Episode 2 to retailers and I have a brand new cover reveal on my Patreon. See it for just $1!

Click the image for the full cover reveal!
Click the image to get the book!

Sometimes all it takes to destroy a life is one, good trick.

Max is back and Kat promises herself that her one night stand with Bart was all a big mistake. However, forgetting about Bart’s hard body and his sexual prowess proves harder than she thought.

Plus, Bart is not through with his roommate’s girlfriend. As he moves closer to getting what he wants, Kat finds herself being drawn to him again and again.

After a disastrous double date, Kat is finally forced to confront how she feels about Bart. With every trick Bart plays, the closer she comes to revealing her infidelity to Max. How far will she go to find the pleasure that only Bart can giver her?

Cheap Trick: Tricked Episode 2 is a story of cheating and humiliation that may not be for everyone. If you like your villains charming, your women hot, and the sex explosive, then read this story today!

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