October Updates

Hi all!

It’s going to be a busy month in October! I already have two new releases and a series over on Kindle Vella! I’ll be posting all episodes and books to my Patreon as well. Check out all of the links below to see my new content!

Available on Kindle Vella and updated daily on my Patreon!

Beware the Eyes of the Succubus.

Your desires are your weakness and she sees all! There’s a new neighbor in the sleepy little suburb of Lake View, Oregon. She is beautiful, she is exotic. She is hungry. And, for a creature who feeds on lust and jealousy, there is no better place than Lake View for her to feed.

Warning: This is a dark erotica horror story with graphic sex, cheating, cuckolding, horror elements, and the possible death of a main character! Please read responsibly!

New Alpha Male Cuckold Book Now Available!

It was supposed to be a girl’s night out…

…but when Sarah’s best friend Holley brings a handsome date, the party takes unexpected turn.
While her boyfriend, John, waits at home, Sarah must fend off the advances of the charming, but arrogant, Brad. That shouldn’t matter though, because Sarah is a strong, independent woman. She doesn’t need a hot, alpha male like Brad when she’s got a sweet loving guy like John waiting for her.

Or does she?

Will Sarah resist Brad’s charms? Or will she give her body and soul up for one night of Complete Abandon?

Available at your favorite online retailer!

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