A Brand new Interracial Cuckold Story Now Available!

Sarah and Bradley are in trouble. Bradley’s business is failing and they need help. Luckily, Sarah has decided to go back to work. After all, their daughter Lizzie is eighteen and a senior in high school. She doesn’t need her mother anymore. Besides, they need the money.

But, everything is about to change when Sarah meets her black, billionaire boss, Lucian Powers. Lucian has a plan, a plan that includes working late nights with Sarah while her husband fends off the advances of his sexy office assistant, Marie.

Does Lucian have an ulterior motive besides satisfying his lust? And, just what is the connection between Lucian and Marie?

More is going on here than meets the eye. But, in this tale of betrayal and revenge, the only thing that matters is that everything is Best Served Hot!

Best Served Hot is a erotic story of revenge that contains cheating, betrayal, and scenes of graphic sex. If you do not enjoy stories where the villain wins and the hero is forced to watch, this one is not for you!

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