About Manus Dare

I have been writing erotica ever since I found an old porn paperback hidden in the bottom of a trunk in my stepfather’s den. From that moment on, I have been writing down my thoughts and fantasies which have progressed from straight sex, to cheating wives and, finally, cuckolding. I dabble in all kinds of niches, but I find the highly charged world of cuckolding an irresistible turn on!

What does Manus Dare actually mean?

Manus Dare is a pseudonym. When searching for a name that encapsulated my writing, I wanted something that sounded like a real name and was a bit classier than my previous nom de guerre of Seduced2Cheat. Hint: You can still find some of my old stories out there on the internet. Please don’t laugh when you read them. I was finding myself!

In an old book of Latin synonyms on Google, I came across the latin term Dare Manus, or Manus Dare, which means: To submit or to confess one’s self conquered.

Surrender is at the heart of every one of my stories. Whether it’s loving couples crossing the line between love and lust, a family broken by its own taboo desires, or a beloved fairy tale princess submitting to a strong, sexy villain, every one of my stories is about submitting to your most powerful, forbidden desires.

The name, as they say, says it all!

I hope you enjoy my books! If you like them, send me an email at manusdarewrites@gmail.com. You can also leave me a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Feedback and reviews are the lifeblood of independent authors and I much appreciate connecting with readers who enjoy my stories.


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