Medium is Well Done

After having my account suspended twice and then Stripe reneging on it’s deal to pay erotica writers for their hard earned money, I officially canceled my Medium account. I was never completely sold on the pennies for words service they gave anyway, but the platform was a good way to reach new readers. Well, that […]

New Superhero Cuckold Story Now Available!

A brand new story now available at your favorite online retailer! No matter what they tell you, real heroes go down…or else!​​​​​​​ When Knightshade, the Armored Crusader of Justice, refuses to pleasure his girlfriend, Pussy Willow, the ferocious, feline heroine seeks solace in the arms, and mouth, of Sydney Spazworth, otherwise known as the monstrous […]

What is Darotica?

So, this came up on Twitter today and I thought I’d put up a definition of #darotica in the hopes that it’ll be available if anyone else chooses to look it up on Google. #darotica was a term coined by Alexa Sommers, a wonderful erotica author in her own right, to define my unique brand […]

July Updates!

Hello, Another huge month! Up to 8 new updates to Patreon per month as well as an all new book on Amazon and other reailers! As always, connect with me on Twitter @daremanus or by email at I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for reading! Manus Updates Now Available on Patreon and […]


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Do you love to read stories where the bad guy wins and takes the girl in front of the hero? From cuckold fairy tales to wives being seduced by their husband’s bullies, Manus Dare has it all. Enjoy my cuckold erotica and don’t forget to visit me at

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