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Mother’s Day: A Bully Cheating Story

Now Available on Amazon! What this loving and mother craves on Mother’s Day is something her family just can’t give her. Heather’s husband and son love her. On Mother’s Day, they bring her breakfast in bed, clean the house, and make dinner. They even spring for an expensive day spa so the special woman inContinue reading “Mother’s Day: A Bully Cheating Story”

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God Complex: A SciFi/Horror Cuckold Story!

Eve is a masterpiece and the love of Professor Roland Stuart’s life. She is also his greatest creation. Because, Eve is not human. She is a robot, built to feel everything a human feels, right down to the emotions that make us who we are. However, when temptation arrives in the form of the handsomeContinue reading “God Complex: A SciFi/Horror Cuckold Story!”

Cheat Code: A Sci Fi/Horror Cuckold story!

You don’t want to win if you’re not willing to cheat. In a world where humans have been forced indoors, the virtual world of the Link has become an essential way for people to live their lives. Eric and Lacey spend their days in their small apartment, working and playing online. When Eric uses aContinue reading “Cheat Code: A Sci Fi/Horror Cuckold story!”

Claiming Brandy Part 4 now available

  I am pleased that the fourth and final book in the Brandy Series is now available on Amazon! A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal. Just when Miles McCabe thinks his life is going great, he receives a very dirty video from Kurt, his boss. A video starring Kurt and his beautifulContinue reading “Claiming Brandy Part 4 now available”

Claiming Brandy: Part 3 is now available!!

Claiming Brandy 3 is now available at Amazon! Get over there and continue the story of Miles, Brandy and Kurt! A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal. Miles McCabe’s life is back on track. After his recent business trip, he returns home flush with success and ready to fall into the arms ofContinue reading “Claiming Brandy: Part 3 is now available!!”