Black Friday: An Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story

I meant to post this two weeks ago and evidently forgot to post! Check it out below: Trapped in a nearly sexless marriage to an aging college professor, Jackie Thompson finds the thrill of shopping the only thing that makes life bearable. And there is no shopping day that is more exciting to her thanContinue reading “Black Friday: An Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story”

Dream Job, a new cuckold story in the works!

I am currently working on a new cuckold story tentatively titled “Dream Job”. The story is taking much longer than some of my past novels because I am actually having to develop a longer plot. My goal is to create a longer novel with all of the beats of a mainstream work of fiction andContinue reading “Dream Job, a new cuckold story in the works!”

The Game: The Complete Series is now available!

The Game: The Complete Series is now available on Amazon. Sometimes, the best games are the ones you play with family. Pete and I have been married for seven years and the fire that used to burn hot between us has dwindled to smoldering embers. So, when my stepsister, Sally, asked us to come stayContinue reading “The Game: The Complete Series is now available!”