Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Cuckold Story

(Okay, anyone reading my blog is probably not lining up to see the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, but if you are be warned: Major spoilers ahead!!) So, one of the problems I have in writing erotica, especially writing cuckold erotica is that I see images and themes in all sorts of places sane peopleContinue reading “Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Cuckold Story”

Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story update

I am hard at work on finishing Valentine’s are Black, an interracial, holiday cuckold story continuing the adventures of Jackie Thompson and her hapless cuckold husband Roger.  If you haven’t read the first two books, check out Black Friday and I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas. I stated in a previous post that I wouldContinue reading “Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story update”

Black Christmas: A Holiday Interracial Cuckold Tale

I offered this up for free a couple of weeks back and just wanted to add a post about it. This story is now on sale at Amazon.  It is a sequel to my book Black Friday and continues the story of Jackie and Roger Thompson as they travel down the winding, twisty road ofContinue reading “Black Christmas: A Holiday Interracial Cuckold Tale”

Black Friday: An Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story

I meant to post this two weeks ago and evidently forgot to post! Check it out below: Trapped in a nearly sexless marriage to an aging college professor, Jackie Thompson finds the thrill of shopping the only thing that makes life bearable. And there is no shopping day that is more exciting to her thanContinue reading “Black Friday: An Interracial Holiday Cuckold Story”

Dream Job, a new cuckold story in the works!

I am currently working on a new cuckold story tentatively titled “Dream Job”. The story is taking much longer than some of my past novels because I am actually having to develop a longer plot. My goal is to create a longer novel with all of the beats of a mainstream work of fiction andContinue reading “Dream Job, a new cuckold story in the works!”