So You Want to Write Erotica: Getting in the Way!

So, you’ve set up your story and introduced the persons (or persons) the MC wants to have sex with. That’s it, right? Let’s just have them get it on, hit the sheets, bump uglies (yeah, I hate that last one, but I couldn’t help myself).

You can totally do that. But, if you do, I argue that it’s not a story. It’s a scene, or in fancy terms, a vignette. It could be hot and it might get someone off, but they’ll forget about it an hour later. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I want more! I don’t want things to be easy. I don’t want things to work out right away. I want DRAMA!

This is a great place to add Something (or Someone) that gets in the way!

Something or Someone Gets in the Way

This could be a variety of things. Perhaps their is an age difference, or they come from families who hate each other. Maybe one or both of them are married. These are external pressures and they are all valid reasons for two people that are hot for each other to take a pause.

The most important thing to remember is that it should make the sex more dramatic. Adding this pressure makes the sex mean something beyond a quick hookup.

Bonus Points: If your antagonist also represents a societal pressure keeping your characters from bumping uglies, that is a bonus!

They Have Sex

Now, this element can come before or after the sex. Maybe the characters had sex after leaving the bar, but we find out one of them has a jealous lover. You can intersperse sex throughout your story, but it adds spice if there is something or someone trying to keep the lovers apart.

Darotica Note

In my stories, the person who gets in the way is almost always the husband or boyfriend. I know it seems like it should be the reverse, but remember, my stories are reverse love stories.

In a cheating story, the external pressure is off screen (she shouldn’t cheat but just can’t help it). In a cuckold story the husband is present, voicing his concerns over just how far his wife is going to go. Either way, the significant other is getting in the way of the sex.

So, there you have it. Someone or Something standing in the way of your characters sex lives not only adds drama, but can turn a sexy $.99 vignette into a great $2.99 story!

Until next time I want you to watch your favorite romance or romantic comedy. Who or what stands in the way of the sex? Does the antagonist represent the societal pressure to keep the lovers apart?

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The Plot Thickens

So, now we get into the nitty-gritty of plotting. Let me preface this by saying that this is only one way of plotting. This works for me and some of it may work for you. Feel free to ignore or steal any of my ideas.

I posted this as a joke on Twitter yesterday and even though it was meant to be funny, I realized this contains most of the elements I follow to write a story.

Erotica plot:

  • Someone wants sex
  • Something (or someone) gets in the way
  • They have sex
  • Something/someone breaks them up
  • Realize they really have to have sex again.
  • Fantastic Climax!
  • The end.

Think of these elements as signposts, a helpful way to see if you have a compelling story or just a set of entertaining sex scenes. Again, you can use these elements after the fact or, for faster writing, you can brainstorm ahead of time. Either way, this list can be remarkably helpful!

Note on Story Length: I plan on tackling story length in a later post,  For now, I am going to show you how I plot a 15k-20k story. For my kink that is the length that I can realistically charge $2.99 for on Amazon. That is my sweet spot.

The above elements, or beats, are very important in my plotting. In my opinion, story beats can take a boring story and make it as exciting as a short movie or a really good episode of television.

Despite the above list being simple on the surface, describing each element in detail takes a little time. Today, let’s focus on just the first element which will comprise the first quarter of your story.

Someone Wants Sex (or The Setup + Inciting Incident):

This is the first part of your story. This part is going to introduce us to your main characters and give a sense of the ‘normal’ world of your story. In other words, we’re going to find out who wants to have sex. (In a thriller this is where you meet the detective who wants to stop the killer, in a buddy cop film you meet the straight man cop who wants a quiet life, in a fantasy you meet the hero who wants adventure, etc).

This is a chance to introduce us to your characters’ normal, everyday lives. We must get to know the characters so we are invested in their lives before we disrupt them. Many erotic stories ignore the setup, which is okay if you are writing a simple sex scene, but if you are writing a longer story (anything over 5,000 words) you’d better make us care about your characters.

Even with short, short stories you can make us care about the characters, but that usually is tied in with the sex. Or not. There are a lot of junk stories out there that have nothing but sex. Why bother? I can find pornographic sex scenes literally anywhere on the internet. If I pay money for a story I want to think and feel!

#darotica Notes: #darotica was a term coined by fellow writer Alexa Sommers (@alexasommers on Twitter). This term identifies my own unique brand of erotica which focuses on cheating wives and cuckolding. In Japan, this is called netorare. I’ll be adding #darotica Notes as I make my way through this discussion so you can see my take on each element. In #darotica, the setup is almost always a slice of life of a fairly happy couple who may, or may not, be having trouble in the bedroom. It is important for me to show this connection so that the later disruption (a sexy male antagonist) comes as a shock to the wife or girlfriend AND the reader.

Inciting Incident

I did not come up with this term, but it is a very useful and an essential part of Someone Wants Sex.  Every successful story has a moment when the status quo, the world the MC lives in, gets disrupted. In my erotic stories, this moment is the introduction of what I call the ‘alternate love interest’. In your story, it will probably be the introduction of the main sexual interest for your main character. An ex-boyfriend calls unexpectedly, a hot babysitter meets the man of the house, or a bad boy biker saves a fiery lawyer. All of these are examples of sexy inciting incidents and, depending on the complexity of your story, it may or may not include actual sex. 

In fact, this may be a good time to have a Failed Sex Scene. This is a scene where not everything goes right. After all, real characters are not porn stars and even if you aren’t aiming for realism, a failed attempt to connect can add spice and drama to your story.

#darotica Note: My stories tend to be a reverse love story. That seems like a high minded concept, but it’s actually pretty simple. Instead of the couple getting together, they are driven apart by a male love interest. In most of my stories, the loving couple has sex (often Failed) in the beginning. The inciting incident is almost always the introduction of the other man. Not for everyone, but that’s my kink!

No matter what the inciting incident, it should force the characters to make a choice. This choice will propel the characters into the next part of your story where your heroine or hero comes face to face with the opposition, or Someone or Something that Gets in the Way!.

Next time, we’ll talk about Someone (or something that gets in the way). Until then, watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book. What is the setup? How is it unique? Can you spot the inciting incident?

Plotting to Take Over the World

So now that we know what you want to write, or you’re on your way to finding out. That’s good because that leads to the next part of becoming an erotica writer. 

Write your book!

It is essential that the first thing you do as an erotica writer is write, and finish, your book! If you haven’t written a book, then there is nothing to publish, market, or sell. The book is your product. Everything else is getting readers to look at your product.

There are many ways to write your book, but they are often broken down into two simple concepts: Pantsing and Plotting. Lots of authors may argue about the best way to write your book, but I’m going to cut through all of those arguments right now and say something revolutionary.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s true. It absolutely doesn’t matter how you write your book as long as you get it written. This is what many people won’t tell you. They’ll tell you their process and that is what they know and that is what works for them. What you need to do is find the process that works for you. The only way to do that is to write a lot AND try out new things.

Pantsing doesn’t require pants

Pantsing or seat-of-your-pants writing is where you sit down with a blank sheet of paper or screen and just write your story. One of the most famous pantsers is Stephen King. In his book On Writing, he has some famously rich things to say about plotting,

“Outlines are the last resource of bad fiction writers who wish to God they were writing masters’ theses.”


“Story is honorable and trustworthy; plot is shifty, and best kept under house arrest.”

Now, I could talk all day about these quotes, but again, it doesn’t matter! King wrote his book to demystify the writing process and to let people know that pantsing does work. It just doesn’t work for EVERYONE.

Pantsing has its benefits. There is a thrill to listening to your Muse and writing down what it tells you. Oftentimes your characters will do or say interesting things that you didn’t know were coming. This kind of writing is like channeling your Muse and putting it on the page. 

This may work for a lot of people, especially if you’re writing shorter pieces. I was a pantser for a long time until something happened.

I got stuck. And when I say stuck, I mean STUCK. I had multiple works in progress and would get to a point where I had no idea what to write next. The Muse had stopped singing, my characters had stopped talking, and I was close to dumping every manuscript on my hard drive and calling it a day.

I realized if I was ever going to finish anything again I needed to do something different.

Enter the Cat

I love movies and to help distract myself from the ache of not being able to finish my book, I watched a lot of films that I loved. A good movie is like comfort food for the soul. 

The simplified storylines of films spoke to me and I found myself looking to scriptwriting for inspiration. I felt that if I could unlock the secret of why movies were successful, then maybe I could figure out how to translate that to my stories.

That’s when I found a book called Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. The title refers to that part of a movie where an unsympathetic character becomes heroic by “saving the cat”. This can be the literal saving of a cat, or it can be anytime a character helps out someone in need. Think Han Solo’s ultimate save-the-cat moment when he saves Luke at the end of Star Wars and you get the idea.

I won’t go into all of the things Save the Cat taught me, but what I can say is that it had a HUGE impact. It demystified storytelling and I began to watch films with a critical eye, gleaning the best parts of them to adapt to my books. I used Blake’s story structure and applied it to my manuscript, immediately identifying the plot holes that were keeping me from finishing my work.

With this structure in hand, I was able to finish my book. Not only that, I developed a way of planning my books ahead of time so I could write faster and spend less time editing than ever before. 

I know I might lose some of you here, but that’s OK. We all have different ways of writing and my opinion is whatever works for you, go with it. But, if you’re reading this because you want to find other ways of writing or you need help speeding up the process, then stay tuned. Next week, I’ll go into further detail about how I plot out my books and why it’s so important for erotica writers to publish NOW and publish OFTEN.

While you’re waiting for the next riveting installment of So You Want to Write Erotica, watch one of your favorite movies. Why do you love the movie so much? What about the plot do you like? Does it keep you interested all the way through, or does it drag in places?

Are there any Save the Cat moments?

Until next time!

Manus Dare writes twisted cheating and cuckold stories. Check out all of his books here.

Write What You Love

Okay, my first blog post on how to become a successful erotic writer. Now, let’s pause for a moment and ask a question. Am I a successful erotica writer?

I guess that’s up for interpretation. I am halfway to becoming a full-time author which is my ultimate goal. For those of you that like numbers, I’ll break it down like this: I’ve made an agreement with myself that when I reach $2,000 per month I can quit my day job and focus full time on writing. December was my first month breaking $1,000 which is amazing to me. 

My dream has always been to become a full-time writer, but some of you out there probably have dreams that you never expect to achieve. That’s the way it was for me until I actually started making real money. I suppose the dream became real the month I broke $400 and my wife told me I was now bringing in enough money to make a car payment! 

Yes, she’s very supportive.

So, as of December 2020, I am halfway to my goal. I have sold over 500 books this month and it’s not over yet! If that sounds like success, then I might just have tips that will help get you up and running faster. Some of my advice you may not agree with, and that’s okay. Creative people have a lot of different ways of creating, but I’m going to tell you what works for me. I hope it helps, I truly do, because we need more well-written smut out there.

So, what’s the first topic? 

How about expectations? 

What do you expect to get out of writing?

There’s a lot of answers to this question. Do you want your fantasies out there for other people to read? In other words, would you get as much satisfaction placing your stories on a free site as you would putting them up on Amazon and having people pay you for them? Or do you just want to make enough money to pay that car payment? Neither answer is wrong. Everyone has different reasons for writing. Some just want to release their words out to the world, some people write for justification or respect. Some people write for money.

However, before you can think about sharing your work or making enough money to pay your rent, you need to ask yourself an even more important question:

Are you writing what you love?

I write because I love the cuckold fetish. I have been into the fetish for over 25 years now and I love stories about cheating, betrayal, and cuckolding. I love it so much I used to put it up for free on under a different pen name.

What would you write even if nobody read it? For me, that answer is easy now, but it’s taken me 25 years to figure it out. You don’t have to take that long. If you’ve tried writing stories before, erotica or not, and your mind keeps coming back to specific ideas, write them. Even if you think nobody will like your ideas, write them down. I sincerely believe you have to have a passion for what you are writing in order to make a good story. Plus, if you have a true desire for your subject, you’re less likely to let bad reviews get to you (more about reviews later).

For now, decide what you want to write. If we’re talking about erotica, that can be a specific kink that you focus on. If you like science fiction, write science fiction. If you like science fiction and sex, combine them into a sexy sci-fi story. I’ve done this myself by combining sci-fi, horror, and cuckold erotica into my short story collection Near Future. It can be done!

The important thing at this stage in your career, if you’re not already selling a thousand books a month, is to write what you love. The only way you can sell your writing is to actually write it. So, whatever gets you to the page, do it right now. Today.

I love cheating and cuckold stories. Check out all of my fiction books here.

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