Dream Job 2: Working Overtime Now Available!

My newest novel of cuckolding and betrayal is now available!

In Dream Job their love was tested like never before. Ashley and Tim’s marriage survived, but that was before Ashley began Working Overtime.

Ashley and Tim are still recovering from Ashley’s business trip with her boss, Gideon Cole. Ashley is fighting her attraction to Gideon, while Tim is dealing with his own reactions to seeing his wife with the powerful, black billionaire. However, when Gideon shows no further interest in the young wife, the couple is relieved. They survived the affair and can now move on.

However, there is more on Gideon’s mind than just work. Asked to stay for a late night work session, Ashley is once again forced to make a decision between her love for her husband and her growing desire for her handsome, black boss.

As the young couple falls victim to Gideon’s growing demands, they once again find their marriage at risk. Will Ashley and Tim’s love be enough to save them from her Dream Job?

Dream Job 2: Working Overtime https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YXFDB46/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_wUsODbCQQKAW1

Why I Write Porn

***This an original article I posted on Blogger last year. I would like to do more articles about writing and my writing process. I thought I’d start with this one – Manus***


***This is an original article I posted on Blogger last year. I thought I’d post it here. Hope it is helpful to you writers out there! – Manus***

This is a bit of a departure from my previous posts which center on announcing my new books. Just so you know, my short novels and stories are continuing to develop and I hope to publish some new work shortly.

However, besides a place to tell you about my novels, I also wanted to do some articles about the writing process. I know, I know. There a thousand and one articles about writing out there just as there are a thousand and one ways to a novel.

So, why write articles about writing? Well, I guess I just want to let people know what I have learned over my 20+ years of writing. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been writing 20 years and am only now publishing my stories. Why, you might ask?  Well, it comes down to one simple thing.

I wasn’t writing what I loved to read.

It’s that simple. I have written everything from fantasy, sci fi, horror and porn.

NOTE: There are many arguments about what is porn and what is erotica. I have lots of feelings on this issue, but when I boil it down, I come up with one thing: Erotica = porn with plot. I could do a whole blog post on this and probably will, but for the sake of this post, I will use both terms, porn and erotica, interchangeably.

The problem was, I was ashamed of writing porn. I was afraid of what my family might say, or my friends if they found out. So, I put away the dirty stories and tried to write fantasy or sci fi. I even wrote a workable rough draft of a young adult book, but, to be honest, my heart wasn’t in it. I wasn’t doing it for myself.

Write what you know.

If you have ever researched how to write novels and stories, then you have heard this old chestnut. Most well-meaning authors will tell you to write what you know when you are coming up with a job for your characters, or describing a setting. I have a different take.

Write what you know = Write what you read

Young Woman Lying on Sofa Looking at Tablet

What do you read for fun? What book will you pick up or download because it is a genre you like? What are the stories you love, even if the writing is terrible?

The same questions go for movies. If you love old horror films, or you will plunk down your money on Saw 35, maybe you should think about writing horror. If you will stomach bad writing just to read a story, think about writing those types of stories.

So, what if horror isn’t selling at the moment? This argument is bullshit. Who really cares what is “hot” right now? If you are writing, then I count that as a win.

Besides, horror worked, and is still working, for Stephen King, so who are we to say what’s hot or not?

So, why do I write porn? Well, ever since I found one of my step-dad’s vintage porn paperbacks in a musty old locker in his den when I was fifteen, I have been fascinated by erotic writing. I have devoured lots of stories, good and bad, It doesn’t matter if the writing sucks, I’ll read it anyway, even if just for the dirty bits.

I cannot say the same for any other genre. I like sci fi, fantasy and thrillers, but if I am not engaged within the first few chapters, then I give up and move on. Only great (totally subjective criteria here) stories entertain me for the long haul. That is not the same when I read erotica.

Since I have taken the leap to writing what I love to read, I have published 17 works on Amazon, including short stories, novellas and a series or two. No, I am not making a lot of money, but that really isn’t the point at this stage in my life. Finishing and publishing my stories is the big win.

So, if you’re struggling with finishing a piece of work, ask yourself if this is something you would read even if there were spelling errors and purple prose. If it’s not, examine your reasons for writing the story. If it’s to impress your family or friends, I would advise you to stop it RIGHT NOW! Don’t write for your family. DOn’t write for your friends.

Write for yourself.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if this article was helpful. I have many ideas for articles on writing and publishing and I plan on posting them here

The Wrong Brother Part 4 is now available! Check out the stunning conclusion to this cuckold bully series!

The wait is over! The final chapter in The Wrong Brother series is now available on Amazon.

Wendy and Gary are happily married and living in the suburbs. They have a nice house, good jobs, and are discussing having children to fill their happy home. Life just couldn’t get any better for the loving couple. 

That is until Logan, Gary’s older brother, walks back into their lives.

Logan is a bully and made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Wendy should despise the cocky alpha male. However, she can’t ignore Logan’s hard, muscular body or the hungry looks he is throwing her way.

Once again, Wendy has fallen prey to her alpha male brother-in-law and things grow even more intense between the two of them. As their relationship deepens, Wendy must make some hard decisions about the consequences of her actions. Chief among them: What will she do if she gets pregnant with Logan’s baby?

Wendy sets a plan in motion that culminates at Gary’s surprise birthday party. However, not all the surprises are happy as secrets are revealed and Gary and Wendy’s marriage faces its ultimate test.

Can their love survive the devastating power of the wrong brother?

This book contains cheating, betrayal and cuckolding humiliation.

New installment of bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available

Part 3 of my current bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available on Amazon. Please give it a read!

After surrendering once again to Logan’s superior body, Wendy expects her brother-in-law to press his claim on her. Instead, Logan ignores her, leaving her in emotional turmoil.

Wendy decides to fight back. After Gary sets up a conciliatory dinner with Logan, she plans to use the opportunity to tease her brother-in-law. 

Gary even agrees to the idea. Logan can look at Wendy all he wants, but it will be her loving husband who reaps the rewards. What could be a better revenge on his cocky, older brother?

However, Logan refuses to play by the rules and Wendy’s plan soon comes undone. Once again, she comes face to face with her brother-in-law’s sexual power. 

Can she resist Logan with her husband just feet away? And, as her alpha male brother-in-law works his considerable charms on her, she faces another, more important, question.

Does she even want to resist?

Find out in part 3 of this 4 part taboo cuckold series!

The Wrong Brother: A new bully cuckold series coming soon

So, while I have been working hard on Dream Job and its followup novels, I took a break from the characters of Ashley, Tim and Gideon to start up another series. It features Gary and Wendy a young couple enjoying a great life. That is, until Gary’s older brother Logan shows up.

Logan is a bully and made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Now he’s back and he has eyes for the best thing in Gary’s life: Wendy.

This story, or series of stories, will have a lot more cheating in it than a standard cuckold tale. I’ve been saying for awhile that I really want to write a netorare story and this is it. I will be alternating between Dream Job and The Wrong Brother for the next two or three months.

Check out the new cover and a tagline below:

He’s her husband’s brother. Growing up, he made her husband’s life a living hell. She shouldn’t be attracted to him. So, why can’t she resist The Wrong Brother?

Wrong Brother

Interracial Cuckold 3 book bundle!

I just uploaded a three book bundle to Amazon! It includes the three books in the Taken While Hubby Watches series at a great low price. Below is the cover art and ugh! It took me forever to make this! Who knew it could be so hard to make a 3D book bundle?


Here are the stories included in the bundle:

Taken by the Jock

Scott and Jessica Thomas both work for a small junior college. Scott is as an academic counselor and his job is to help the young black athletes maintain their grades and keep playing for the school’s football team. Jessica is the athletic trainer and spends her days working with young, black men.

This doesn’t bother Scott. In fact, he often fantasizes about Jessica with a muscular, black athlete. However, when Scott finds out that Jessica has been having after hours sessions with the school’s star quarterback, the arousal turns into jealousy. In a fit of anger, Scott assaults the young stud, threatening both of their jobs. Suddenly, the couple find themselves under the young jock’s control. His desires are clear: He wants Jessica and he wants to take her while her husband watches.

Taken by the Ex

“So, Derek is back in town.”

Rachel knew how crazy it made me when she talked about her black, alpha male ex-boyfriend, Derek. The way he made her feel, how big he was, how good he was in bed. The dirty talk began as a way to heat things up between us and had turned into a regular game we played.

But now, Derek is back in town and Rachel wants to see him, to be with him, just like the old days. Not only that, she wants me to be a part of it. She wants me to watch.

Taken by the Rival

Jack and I had always been rivals, ever since college. We competed in sports, academics and women. Jack, a big, sexy black man may have been able to beat me when it came to attracting pretty, young women, but those days were behind me. I was married now and there was no way Jack could outdo me when it came to my lovely wife, Natalie.

When Jack visits, however, I find myself falling back into the same competitive patterns, especially when the sexy, black stud begins flirting with my wife. Jack proposes a bet. The terms are simple: If Natalie can bring Jack to orgasm first, we win and get an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, on Jack’s dime.

If we lose, Jack and Natalie will go to Hawaii and leave me at home. Alone.

The opportunity is too good to pass up. And when we win, it will be my opportunity to show Jack who the better man really is.

After all, there’s no way my loving, hotwife can lose, is there?

If you are new to my work, this is a great place to start. It has all of the things I love! Cuckolding, humiliation, cream pies and cleanup duties for the poor, reluctant husbands. Hopefully, the book will be available to buy in the next day or so.

New holiday cuckold story now available!

So, after some further edits, Valentines are Black is now available! This is the third and final volume in the Holiday Cuckold Series and finishes up the story of Roger and Jackie Thompson, the characters from Black Friday and I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas.


Jackie and Roger Thompson have barely recovered from their adventures on Christmas when the couple is called upon to host the annual New Year’s Eve party for the faculty of Westerly College. As the dean’s wife, Jackie rises to the occasion, but never far from her thoughts is Jason, her young, black lover who has helped her fulfill her sexual fantasies and turn Roger into a submissive cuckold.

However, when Jason shows up at the party, Jackie makes a big mistake. A mistake that could cost Roger his position and puts her squarely in the crosshairs of Professor Malcolm Brown. An older, black professor newly arrived at Westerly, he has his eyes on Roger’s job…and Jackie too.

To save her husband’s job, Jackie must make a deal with the devious, older man. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? After all, Jackie has dealt with men all her life. Besides that, Roger loves to be humiliated. The situations couldn’t be more perfect for the young hot wife.

However, it soon becomes clear that Malcolm Brown isn’t just interested in sex with Jackie. He wants to own her. And, as Malcolm continues to exercise his control, Jackie realizes that being owned might just be what she has wanted all along.