Claiming Brandy Part 2: Rough draft complete!

Claiming Brandypromo

I finished the rough draft of Claiming Brandy Part 2 just moments ago and was so excited I wanted to let my readers know!

This might also be a good time to explain my writing process, if anyone is interested in such things.  Rough drafts are a hodgepodge of notebook entries and bits I typed up in Google Docs. I am not much of a typist and I have found that I am able to defeat writing blocks by writing free hand. This takes longer, but I am actually able to complete a rough draft quicker if I write it it in my little, spiral bound notebooks (wide ruled so I don’t have to write small!).

Now begins the process of typing, or dictating my handwritten words into Google Docs. Then, after that is all done, I go over the draft looking for the ‘ugly’ bits. Grammar, misspellings and, for me, repetition of words, phrases or concepts that I just let go in the rough draft.

So, it looks like I have a week of editing left on Part 2. Luckily, Claiming Brandy is being release in installments, so it should take me a little less time to edit. Then, off to beta readers to give me some feedback and fix any ugliness I missed. It is not a perfect process, I still find spelling errors or clunky phrases, but this produces the best product I can do without employing an editor.

So, I am hoping for a release before January 31st. I hope you are all awaiting the next installment as much as I was when I was writing it. This is going to be one of my wickedest netorare/cuckold stories to date.

I really hope you like it!

Claiming Brandy: Part 1 Now Available!

Claiming Brandy: Part 1 is now available on Amazon! Please check it out!

A loving couple. A bully boss. An indecent proposal.

Brandy and Miles McCabe have a problem. Miles’s boss, Kurt Brock, is a bully. Since he took over the advertising firm from his late father, he has made Miles’s life miserable. His confidence shattered, Miles’s deepening depression carries over into the bedroom.

Brandy McCabe wants it all. A nice house, a loving husband and a family, all of which is being threatened by her husband’s boss. Frustrated, Brandy meets with Kurt to discuss the matter and win back her husband’s pride and position.

Kurt shocks Brandy by making her an indecent proposal, one which will threaten everything Brandy holds dear. Because, Kurt doesn’t just want to sleep with her. He wants to take her. He wants to own her.

He wants to claim her.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Claiming Brandy is a story of blackmail, cheating and betrayal with a cuckold ending that may, or may not, be happy for everyone. 

Claiming Brandy: Update

Claiming Brandy

Just finishing up the editing on Claiming Brandy Part 1, my new cheating, cuckold thriller! After more feedback from beta readers (if you are a writer, definitely get beta readers. They make a huge difference in my writing) I switched back to dual points of view (POV). The story will be told from both Brandy and Miles McCabe’s POV as they become entangled with Miles’s bullying, alpha male boss Kurt.

Part 1 will be up this week and I hope to have Part 2 published by the end of January.

While you’re waiting, check out The Wrong Brother: The Complete series. This is another tale of bullying, cheating, and cuckold humiliation!

Claiming Brandy: A new cuckold thriller coming soon!

Claiming Brandy

Well, here it is 2020 and I thought I’d let you all know about a new series I have coming in January.

Claiming Brandy is a cheating wife, cuckold thriller. It is my take on the ‘boss blackmails employee’s wife trope’. Interesting note: This originally started out as a split point of view between the husband and wife, like The Wrong Brother. But, after rereading part 1, and some constructive feedback from one of my beta readers, I cut out the husband’s point of view all together. So, like The Game and The Holiday Cuckold Series, this series is from Brandy’s point of view.

Claiming Brandy focuses on Brandy McCabe and her husband, Miles. Miles is an advertising executive whose life has become a living hell because of his younger, alpha male boss Kurt. Ever since Kurt took over the company, he has bullied Miles, and this bullying has had an effect in the bedroom, putting even more stress on the couple’s marriage.

To stop the bullying, Brandy finally confronts Kurt. Kurt makes Brandy what can only be described as an indecent proposal.

Will she accept? Well, if you’ve read any of my stories, you know the answer to that. However,  I hope my tale adds something new to this trope, giving you a look inside Brandy’s mind as she battles between the love for her husband and her lust for a stronger, more powerful man.

This appears to be a 4 part series, like The Wrong Brother and includes all of those things you may expect. Cheating, cuckolding, humiliation and even a bit of blackmail. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Sci Fi, Horror, Cuckold Mashup Now Available!

BETA Test BlogI’ve noticed I have been a lot more active on Twitter than I have here on my blog. I hope to rectify that. I will post at least once a week with updates on my stories and other announcements.

First, however, I need to catch up on some new releases. I am pretty proud of this story. It deviates, in a big way, from my normal cuckolding humiliation tales. Don’t worry! There is still plenty of cuckolding action but this time I have added a big scoop of science fiction and a dash of horror. This one is not for the faint of heart!

Beta Test

The Department is a spy organization so secret that no one has heard of it.  It operates in the shadows, sending its agents around the world to infiltrate all levels of society. Its very existence relies upon one thing: Complete Loyalty.

Agents Tommy and Reina Hannigan have broken a cardinal rule of the organization. They have fallen in love. They have placed their loyalty for each other over that of the Department. Married in secret, their only hope is that they can hide their love from the Department and its head, the devious mastermind known only as the Director.

The eyes of the Department are everywhere, however, and when the Director finds out about the young couple’s illicit affair, he comes up with a fitting punishment. The Department has been searching for ways to manipulate the bodies and the emotions of their agents. The Director thinks they have found the answer, but the new technology needs test subjects. Tommy and Reina are the perfect guinea pigs. Two young people whose love can be tested by the diabolical new weapons the Director unleashes upon them.

Will their love be enough to defeat the the Director? What happens when the love the young couple holds so dear is twisted into the very weapon that will test them apart?

Warning: This is a dark sci fi, horror story that contains graphic sex, cuckolding, humiliation, body control, emotion control, bondage, mind break and the possible death of a main character. If this is not your cup of tea, please try some of my other cuckold and humiliation stories!

BETA Test Blog




Dream Job 2: Working Overtime Now Available!

My newest novel of cuckolding and betrayal is now available!

In Dream Job their love was tested like never before. Ashley and Tim’s marriage survived, but that was before Ashley began Working Overtime.

Ashley and Tim are still recovering from Ashley’s business trip with her boss, Gideon Cole. Ashley is fighting her attraction to Gideon, while Tim is dealing with his own reactions to seeing his wife with the powerful, black billionaire. However, when Gideon shows no further interest in the young wife, the couple is relieved. They survived the affair and can now move on.

However, there is more on Gideon’s mind than just work. Asked to stay for a late night work session, Ashley is once again forced to make a decision between her love for her husband and her growing desire for her handsome, black boss.

As the young couple falls victim to Gideon’s growing demands, they once again find their marriage at risk. Will Ashley and Tim’s love be enough to save them from her Dream Job?

Dream Job 2: Working Overtime

Why I Write Porn

***This an original article I posted on Blogger last year. I would like to do more articles about writing and my writing process. I thought I’d start with this one – Manus***


***This is an original article I posted on Blogger last year. I thought I’d post it here. Hope it is helpful to you writers out there! – Manus***

This is a bit of a departure from my previous posts which center on announcing my new books. Just so you know, my short novels and stories are continuing to develop and I hope to publish some new work shortly.

However, besides a place to tell you about my novels, I also wanted to do some articles about the writing process. I know, I know. There a thousand and one articles about writing out there just as there are a thousand and one ways to a novel.

So, why write articles about writing? Well, I guess I just want to let people know what I have learned over my 20+ years of writing. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been writing 20 years and am only now publishing my stories. Why, you might ask?  Well, it comes down to one simple thing.

I wasn’t writing what I loved to read.

It’s that simple. I have written everything from fantasy, sci fi, horror and porn.

NOTE: There are many arguments about what is porn and what is erotica. I have lots of feelings on this issue, but when I boil it down, I come up with one thing: Erotica = porn with plot. I could do a whole blog post on this and probably will, but for the sake of this post, I will use both terms, porn and erotica, interchangeably.

The problem was, I was ashamed of writing porn. I was afraid of what my family might say, or my friends if they found out. So, I put away the dirty stories and tried to write fantasy or sci fi. I even wrote a workable rough draft of a young adult book, but, to be honest, my heart wasn’t in it. I wasn’t doing it for myself.

Write what you know.

If you have ever researched how to write novels and stories, then you have heard this old chestnut. Most well-meaning authors will tell you to write what you know when you are coming up with a job for your characters, or describing a setting. I have a different take.

Write what you know = Write what you read

Young Woman Lying on Sofa Looking at Tablet

What do you read for fun? What book will you pick up or download because it is a genre you like? What are the stories you love, even if the writing is terrible?

The same questions go for movies. If you love old horror films, or you will plunk down your money on Saw 35, maybe you should think about writing horror. If you will stomach bad writing just to read a story, think about writing those types of stories.

So, what if horror isn’t selling at the moment? This argument is bullshit. Who really cares what is “hot” right now? If you are writing, then I count that as a win.

Besides, horror worked, and is still working, for Stephen King, so who are we to say what’s hot or not?

So, why do I write porn? Well, ever since I found one of my step-dad’s vintage porn paperbacks in a musty old locker in his den when I was fifteen, I have been fascinated by erotic writing. I have devoured lots of stories, good and bad, It doesn’t matter if the writing sucks, I’ll read it anyway, even if just for the dirty bits.

I cannot say the same for any other genre. I like sci fi, fantasy and thrillers, but if I am not engaged within the first few chapters, then I give up and move on. Only great (totally subjective criteria here) stories entertain me for the long haul. That is not the same when I read erotica.

Since I have taken the leap to writing what I love to read, I have published 17 works on Amazon, including short stories, novellas and a series or two. No, I am not making a lot of money, but that really isn’t the point at this stage in my life. Finishing and publishing my stories is the big win.

So, if you’re struggling with finishing a piece of work, ask yourself if this is something you would read even if there were spelling errors and purple prose. If it’s not, examine your reasons for writing the story. If it’s to impress your family or friends, I would advise you to stop it RIGHT NOW! Don’t write for your family. DOn’t write for your friends.

Write for yourself.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if this article was helpful. I have many ideas for articles on writing and publishing and I plan on posting them here

The Wrong Brother Part 4 is now available! Check out the stunning conclusion to this cuckold bully series!

The wait is over! The final chapter in The Wrong Brother series is now available on Amazon.

Wendy and Gary are happily married and living in the suburbs. They have a nice house, good jobs, and are discussing having children to fill their happy home. Life just couldn’t get any better for the loving couple. 

That is until Logan, Gary’s older brother, walks back into their lives.

Logan is a bully and made Gary’s life a living hell growing up. Wendy should despise the cocky alpha male. However, she can’t ignore Logan’s hard, muscular body or the hungry looks he is throwing her way.

Once again, Wendy has fallen prey to her alpha male brother-in-law and things grow even more intense between the two of them. As their relationship deepens, Wendy must make some hard decisions about the consequences of her actions. Chief among them: What will she do if she gets pregnant with Logan’s baby?

Wendy sets a plan in motion that culminates at Gary’s surprise birthday party. However, not all the surprises are happy as secrets are revealed and Gary and Wendy’s marriage faces its ultimate test.

Can their love survive the devastating power of the wrong brother?

This book contains cheating, betrayal and cuckolding humiliation.

New installment of bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available

Part 3 of my current bully cuckold series The Wrong Brother is now available on Amazon. Please give it a read!

After surrendering once again to Logan’s superior body, Wendy expects her brother-in-law to press his claim on her. Instead, Logan ignores her, leaving her in emotional turmoil.

Wendy decides to fight back. After Gary sets up a conciliatory dinner with Logan, she plans to use the opportunity to tease her brother-in-law. 

Gary even agrees to the idea. Logan can look at Wendy all he wants, but it will be her loving husband who reaps the rewards. What could be a better revenge on his cocky, older brother?

However, Logan refuses to play by the rules and Wendy’s plan soon comes undone. Once again, she comes face to face with her brother-in-law’s sexual power. 

Can she resist Logan with her husband just feet away? And, as her alpha male brother-in-law works his considerable charms on her, she faces another, more important, question.

Does she even want to resist?

Find out in part 3 of this 4 part taboo cuckold series!

The Wrong Brother: Part 2 is now available

The second part in the 4 part series is now available on Amazon!

After making a huge mistake with her husband’s alpha male, bully brother, Wendy has vowed to never again fall for Logan’s charms.

Will she be able to resist the wrong brother?

To find out, read The Wrong Brother: Part 2!

The Wrong Brother: Part 2