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I am going to try and send out a new email each Friday to coincide with my new books published to Kindle Unlimited. This week, I have a brand new short available for free TODAY ONLY! Don't miss this great deal!

It's going to be a great month for new books and content both on Amazon and my Patreon account. Don't miss out!

This MILF is free November 5th ONLY!

He's young enough to be her son.
He's sexy as hell.
And he knows a secret she'll do anything to keep.

Debbie Jones left a life of sex and debauchery behind her and moved to the small town of Rookville, Iowa. It was a place where she could start a new life, where nobody knew her name.

That is until Trevor Conway, her son's best friend, shows up holding a DVD with her picture on it. It's a ghost from the past that she thought she had buried deep.

Now, with her son's friend in front of her and the DVD behind her, Debbie finds herself in a difficult position. What will she do to keep her secret? Will sex with the virile, younger man unlock the demon she had repressed so many years ago?

Will Debbie be able to keep her past hidden from her family?

Submitting to my Son's Friend is a short story that includes betrayal and cheating sex. If you like your endings happy, and the heroes always win, then this isn't the book for you.

Get it for free on November 5th ONLY!!

New on Kindle Unlimited

A strange, alien virus has crash landed on earth, leaving millions dead. The only hope for the survival of the human race is with teams of scientists working on a vaccine.

Married doctors Felicia and Ray Redmond are working in a secret lab in Nevada when the virus mutates, taking over Ray and Felicia's beautiful lab assistant, Reina. The virus becomes sentient and will use Reina's body, along with some brand new appendages, to spread its alien seed.

One person stands in its way. Felicia Redmond. She must protect her husband by giving herself to Reina while Ray races to find a cure.

Will Felicia be able to hold out under Reina's multi-pronged attack? Will Ray find the cure in time?

Cucked by the Alpha Variant is a sci fi horror story that includes aliens, tentacles, and cuckolding. Not for the faint of heart!

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Beware the Eyes of the Succubus. Your desires are your weakness and she sees all!

There's a new neighbor in the sleepy little suburb of Lake View, Oregon. She is beautiful, she is exotic. She is hungry. And, for a creature who feeds on lust and jealousy, there is no better place than Lake View for her to feed.

Warning: This is a dark erotica horror story with graphic sex, cheating, cuckolding, horror elements, and the possible death of a main character! Please read responsibly!

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