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"Hey," Pete said when he got home. "I thought you'd be asleep."

"I was waiting up for you," I said.

I sat up in bed, the diaphanous gown I'd bought for our last anniversary clinging to the curves of my body. Pete blinked when he looked at me, then grinned.

"Wow," he said. "You look beautiful."

I did. I had brushed my hair when I got home and slipped on the skimpy gown. My skin was still flushed from my bout of sex with Pete's boss.

I was glowing.

I had not showered or brushed my teeth when I got home, so I could still smell, taste, even feel Roland on my skin. That was what my boss wanted. He wanted me to feel his presence when I seduced my husband.

"So, what's the occasion?" Pete walked to the side of the bed.

I rose on my haunches in bed and draped my arms around Pete's neck.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you," I murmured. A wicked thrill shot up my spine as I leaned forward. "You've been working so hard."

I kissed Pete gently on the lips. Pete responded, his tongue flicking out over my mouth, licking the dried cum his boss had left for him.

"Mmm," Pete murmured. "You taste good."

That shameful thrill lanced through my belly and straight between my legs. Poor Pete! He didn't even realize he was tasting his boss's cum on my lips.

I marveled at how lewd I had become. In just a couple of weeks, I had gone from a supportive wife to a cheating slut. How had that happened?

There was only one answer.


"Come here," I said, and pulled Pete down to the bed.

I'd had time to think about what I would do when Pete got home. I could fuck him and give my poor husband a chance to reclaim his wayward wife. But, deep down, I knew that no matter how good Pete fucked me, he could never compare to Roland.

The realization made the guilt all the more palpable. But, it didn't stop me from laying Pete down on his back and giving him another deep, cummy kiss.

"I don't know, Felicia," Pete murmured. "I'm kind of tired."

"Don't worry about that," I giggled. "You only have to lay there!"

I knelt beside Pete on the bed and pulled the flimsy nightgown up over my head. I saw the lust in his eyes as you looked at my round breasts and hard, pink nipples. I leaned down and pushed one of the swollen nubs into his mouth.

My husband sucked me like a child and I moaned, enjoying the feeling of my nipple being pulled into his hungry mouth.

"That's it, baby!" I murmured and stroked Pete's hair. I let him have my other nipple, letting him suck hungrily for a few moments, then rose to my knees.

I turned around and threw one of my legs over Pete's head, then slowly lowered my used pussy onto his face.

Pete moaned against my swollen lips, but his tongue licked out and tasted my bruised cunt. I let out of squeal of delight, the idea that my husband was eating the cummy remnants of his boss's lust only made me hotter.

What is wrong with you? I thought to myself as I slowly rocked my hips across Pete's face. How can you be getting off on this?

I forced the guilt and the shame away, just as I had when Roland was fucking me. I didn't want to think about why. I only wanted to think about my pleasure.

As Pete snuffled and lapped at my pussy, I leaned over and unbuckled his pants, pushing them down enough so that his cock sprang free.

I had never thought of my husband as small, but I couldn't help but compare him to his boss's beautiful cock. And it wasn't just the size, however, it was also how Roland used his cock.

Next to that, Pete just couldn't measure up.

I felt another zing of pleasure shoot through my pussy. I ground my hips against Pete's face, smothering my poor husband in my with my dirty, used pussy, but I didn't care. I grabbed Pete's cock and I stroked him hard and fast, the thin shaft twitching uncontrollably in my fingers.

For all his protestations of being tired, Pete's cock was hard as I'd ever seen it. I was surprised when the first trickles of pre-cum dripped down his shaft. It had only been a few moments and he was all ready about to come! That was insane!

Roland would never come so quick!


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