A Brand new Interracial Cuckold Story Now Available!

Sarah and Bradley are in trouble. Bradley’s business is failing and they need help. Luckily, Sarah has decided to go back to work. After all, their daughter Lizzie is eighteen and a senior in high school. She doesn’t need her mother anymore. Besides, they need the money. But, everything is about to change when Sarah […]

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New Cuckold Chapter Available now on Patreon

Just uploaded Chapter 3 of Stealing Reiko to my Patreon account. What happens when poor Oda goes off to work and leaves Reiko in the clutches of their big, black alpha male landlord? Find out now, only on Patreon! The first two chapters are available to $1 patrons, all subsequent chapters available at $10! Help […]

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All New Cuckold and Cheating Stories!

Just uploaded the first 2 chapters of Stealing Reiko to my Patreon. Get them now for just $1! Also, I have uploaded Cheap Trick: Tricked Episode 2 to all major retailers. If you haven’t read Episode 1, check it out now! Sometimes all it takes to destroy a life is one, good trick. When Kat […]

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